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Celebrity Reputation Building

Celebrities live life in the spotlight. We are constantly exposed to problems, scandals, crises that they face, which are invariably brought into the public eye.

Representing a celebrity and promoting him/her may sound like a glamorous job, and in many ways it is. But, in reality, the PR professional has a tough job where he has to fix negative press and make sure the celebrity is always in the news, or “breaking news”.
We often see celebrities linked to brands. The link between a celebrity and a brand is a fragile arrangement. Media is interested in the celebrity because they draw in their audience – readers, viewers, eyeballs and TRPs. The celebrity is usually interested in doing something that promotes his or her own brand, and the client has an agenda of their own. The PR is there to navigate all these interests – to get positive exposure for the client, keep the celebrity engaged, focus on the message, and keep the media balanced.
Celebrities are human too – something that the fans and ordinary people find it difficult to digest. And, as such, they cover the wide spectrum of human characteristics like –  straightforward, gracious, lovely, smart, patronising, dependable, caring, independent, or even being stressed, disturbed, confused. But more often than not, the dynamics between a celebrity and the PR earned, is delicate to navigate.
So, here are some points for the celebrity PR to take heed:
Always be on the look-out for PR/media opportunities
As their PR, you identify opportunities for press coverage and get the celebrity’s team to agree to media interviews. Then, through carefully-compiled notes, brief the celebrity to answer questions, including negative ones! Also get tips from the journalist, if you can, then guide the celebrity through a successful interview. And, photo opportunities come a dime a dozen.
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