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Facebook Marketing & Advertising Services

 In the present scenario, most of the people using this website for their various need. But one thing is common that is “communication” with the various types of people in same manner. Due to this communication marketing become easy by means of FACEBOOK.

Sigma share the expertise as and when you want it, to make you successful - and our customers tell us it’s one of the things they value about working with us. We focus on ensuring the right consumers, who want your products, can find you and buy from you. Our technology and support helps you visualise and improve product information, put it in the right format for all partners like eBay, Amazon, Facebook and Google and help improve your bidding and experimentation with alternatives.
Why Facebook marketing?

There are so many reasons behind the Facebook marketing that reasons are shown below:--
  • There are 50 million social and business pages on Facebook
  • There are over 750 million active users on Facebook
  • 70% of the brands choose Facebook for advertisement
  • On an average there are 4.7 million likes on Facebook
  • Over 900 million active users connect Facebook per month
  • There are over 10 million Facebook apps
  • Over 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook daily
Reasons for Facebook marketing is at Sigma Consultancy are shown below:--
  • Here dedicated team work for creating Facebook page.
  • Targeted advertisement designed on Facebook.
  • We use poll management technique.
  • Paid aid management at Facebook.
  • Fan page creation and maintenance.
  • Especially organized and attractive content creation for video, text, image on Facebook.
  • Company page design facility
  • Dedicated business page design here.
  • Implementation of innovative and relevant idea by our expert.
  • Custom page creation facility.
  • Regular monitoring of created page on Facebook.
  • Service done here in optimum cost.
  • Timely reporting of analytics.
  • Customer satisfaction.